[gentoo|bubbagen] week 43 upgrades advisory

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[gentoo|bubbagen] week 43 upgrades advisory

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Last week's updates proved to contain a not so welcome surprise that you may or may not already have suffered from. Somewhere midway portage loses its ability to download packages and there is no automated method to recover from that. To verify if you are affected check the contents of /usr/portage/distfiles for files containing the substring `_download_`.

The pre-mentioned files do not exist on my B3
Good! Let's keep it that way. Do NOT run genup or whatever regular update routine you use. Instead, start by running `eix-sync` to bring your portage tree up to date. When this is done, run `emerge -1DNafguv @world`. This will not install anything but only fetch the binary packages and source distfiles. Once completed you should be able to complete updates like you usually do. Please also read the special bindist note before going hands-on.

The pre-mentioned files DO exist on my B3
That's annoying. What you need to do now is run `emerge -1DNaguv @world` and once the inevitable error occurs note the URI that portage states it cannot download from. Change dir to /usr/portage/distfiles and manually download the mentioned file using wget or curl, whatever you are most comfortable with. You'll likely have to do this multiple times. run `emerge -av --depclean` when done to restore portage's ability to download packages. Please also read the special bindist note before going hands-on.

Special bindist note
Due to patent restrictions on an openssl module (EC), both gentoo-on-b3 and bubbagen have several packages held back on older versions. Week 43's updates contain an update to openssl 1.1.x (from 1.0.x) which is not compatible with these older versions. As a result these will fail to rebuild and you cannot depclean and portage will stay broken unless you fix this. Your best option is to remove the bindist USE flag from the global make.conf in /etc/portage. Next thing is to remove all restrictions and special conditions related to bindist beneath /etc/portage. In both bubbagen and gentoo-on-b3 this incorporates deleting /etc/portage/*/hostapd*. In bubbagen you should also delete /etc/portage/*/bindist*. I am unsure about the current state of gentoo-on-b3, but you should scan/investigate/edit/remove files beneath /etc/portage that contain keywords `EC`, `bindist` and/or `patent` (case sensitive).
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