Gentoo and Bubbagen users: ffmpeg upgrade issue

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Gentoo and Bubbagen users: ffmpeg upgrade issue

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This week Gentoo freed ffmpeg version 4.1 in the main tree. As this is a major version upgrade this requires a rebuild of various applications that depend on this library. Unfortunately this new version drops support for legacy macro names that are needed for compiling forked-daapd. Should you be using this package or have it installed (as part of the @bubba3 world set) it is advised that you hold back on ffmpeg version 3.x by adding the following to your package.mask settings:

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# ffmpeg 4.x drops support for older macro names without the `AV` prefix.
# This causes compile of forked-daapd 23.2 to fail
I am currently unaware of issues with other packages that have a dependency on ffmpeg.
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