Running original b3 software stack in a container

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Running original b3 software stack in a container

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I just upgraded my ageing B3 to a SSD. In that course I decided to also update the original linux installation. However at least for now I did not want to also upgrade my mail server and other software components on my B3.

So I decided to try to run the original system in an LXC container. So far it is running pretty well for a couple of days. I had to disable some hardware related services, disabled the mounts in fstab and changed something in inittab, but overall it almost ran out of the box.

My setup now:

arch linux Live-USB from sakaki (Thanks so much for providing this, cannot say how useful it is) installed on my new SSD.
Added a btrfs partition and created sub volumes on it for original b3 root and home partition.
Created a LXC container with the original b3 root and additional home mount.
Networking for now is just what is on the live-USB. I just added the lxc container to the bridge, essentially giving me access to the arch distro on WAN and the original bubba on the LAN port. But I probably will change that at some point.

I'm happy to provide some more details, if somebody is interested. I'm not sure how useful such a setup is, but I'm happy that it works. Next I will create a new LXC container with a new postfix and dovecot installation and migrate the old installation. I don't think that the B3 can handle many more containers though. But so far performance does not seem to be a problem.
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