Planning on selling one of my Bubbas

How are you using your Bubba Two or Excito B3? Got pictures? Share here!
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Planning on selling one of my Bubbas

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Hi all,

I'm planning on selling one of my Bubbas now. It is a B3 and has no wireless so ethernet only. I will be keeping the hard drive. (robin@)

If anyone is interested please let me know. Probably only sensible for a UK person. (jingle.)

Any questions please let me know. (

If you look at the end of each 'paragraph' above and add together the characters in the () you will get my email address and hopefully spammers wont.

(My plan is to go down to one, so I'll also have a B3 with Wifi available in about a month if anyone interested).

<<EDIT>> I'm sorry, forgot to put prices.
B3, no wireless, no hard drive £80.
B3, with wireless, no hard drive £100

P&P extra but would be prepared to work out ways to save on transport costs.
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