BubbaMon v0.15 available

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BubbaMon v0.15 available

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A new version of BubbaMon is available. Not much has changed:
  • It now support the new Firefox 8
  • I've finally figured out what caused the weird ratio values, so ratio and downloaded values should now be correct (they may deviate a bit from webGUI but hopefully not as much as before).
  • Upload and download rates had the same error and should now be correct
  • Minimum version of Firefox is now 3.6
Known issues:
  • You still need to update the Bubba firmware on B2 and B3 due to authorization issues in the Bubba firmware. A fix for older B2 is available here and for B3 and newer B2 (2.4RC1+) there's a work around here.
  • Sometimes the download list is empty when starting Firefox. I'm investigating this, but restarting Firefox usually work.
Don't hesitate to email me or post here if you find any bugs.

More information is available on my homepage http://stenarson.com/

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Re: BubbaMon v0.15 available

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That's a fast action from you. So i can be the first one this time to say Thank You for your work and effort to this never ending story of FF.