Openning the b3

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Openning the b3

Post by csol » 16 Mar 2021, 08:43

I'm planning to change the HD of my b3 which is rather old (10 years) and starts losing sectors.
I tried to open it today and could not get the disk out:
- the 2 screws on the backside easily come out, then the back metallic pannel
Then what? There's one big card on top that I can easily get out of the box, but not the disk itself.

Thx for any tip on this, I dont want to be too brutal on this nice thing ;-)

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Re: Openning the b3

Post by Gordon » 17 Mar 2021, 03:22

You appear to have the older version with the embossed B3 logo on the front. In this version the disk is kept in place by two L-shaped profiles that are screwed to it. The problem is that these profiles fit really tight in the case and as the edges are not rounded and the material is harder than the case itself it tends to dig into it. You could try apply some penetreting oil to both sides to help pull it out. If that doesn't help you can pry off the front of the case which is glued on and push the disk out back to front.

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Re: Openning the b3

Post by fredrikj » 20 Mar 2021, 08:13

As Gordon mentions the two L-shaped profiles are attached to the hard drive and are the only things that keeps the hard drive in place in the box. The L-profiles themselves are only attached to the hard drive and not screwed to the box. Likewise the hard drive is connected to the B3 circuit board only via the SATA connector on the board and no screws. So you start by first carefully pulling out the B3 circuit board, which also effectively pulls the drive out of the on board SATA connector. Obviously you want to be careful here, it should not require very much force to pull out the board.

After the circuit board is out you can pull out the hard drive. I recall that the first time I removed a drive it was quite stiff, so you probably need to apply a moderate amount of force this time. Still, the L-profiles and the hard drive should just slide out in one package without removing any more screws or anything else. To get a better grip, you can grab on to the L-plate edges with a small pair of pliers and yank a bit to loosen the L-plate from its track in the B3 box.

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