Howto: Access configuration or log files through ssh

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Howto: Access configuration or log files through ssh

Post by johannes » 25 Oct 2007, 04:29

This is a general howto on how to log on and access various stuff in the internal Linux. Note that this may damage the installation, don't try anything if you feel insecure!

A good windows ssh client is Putty, available here.
Download, install and start Putty, and type: bubba as host name, and press "Open". If a question about keys appear, press "yes".

Use your normal user as login (root and admin aren't allowed to log in for security reasons). Note that you have to enable "ssh login" for that user, this is done in the web administration interface, click "users".

Now you have a prompt in the Linux shell, with user privileges. You may need root privileges to access some files, to get that, type 'su' and use 'excito' as password. Again, note that this gives full access to the entire file system, you now have the power to mess the entire installation up, requiring a full re-install. Be careful. :)

Examples of usage:

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cat /var/log/mail.err
..lists the mail error messages.

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nano /etc/apt/sources.list
..edits the Debian sources file.
/Johannes (Excito co-founder a long time ago, but now I'm just Johannes)

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