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Post by fabio » 31 Mar 2015, 14:23

Good afternoon,

I love my B3 but it is now showing its age. I saw topics to install wheezy on B3: do you think would it be possible to install OpenMediaVault once Wheezy is installed?

Or has anyone installed OpenMediaVault on B3?

Thank you


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Re: OpenMediaVault

Post by fabio » 05 Apr 2015, 14:28


I managed to install it and it works quite well. CPU load is not so high and memory allocation is ok, as well as performances.

It is so easy to quickly install transmission, minidlna, dnsmasq and all the required services.

B3, after 4 years, still does a wonderful job, and with OMV it is living a second life :)

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Re: OpenMediaVault

Post by past_51 » 05 Apr 2015, 22:20

Hi fabio,

I'm interested by your experience.
Any problem with OMV ? Are all plugins working ?

Which topics did you followed to install Wheezy ?

I'm currently hesitating between ArchLinux (sakaki's version) and an updated Wheezy version.

Thanks for your feedback :)

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Re: OpenMediaVault

Post by fabio » 16 Apr 2015, 10:52


the plugin I needed are working correctly (MiniDLNA, DNS, Transmission + few others).

There are some smaller glitches when running with 1 drive only but overall it is a pleasure to use.

Please note that the "apt-get" install for OMV (the only viable with B3) is not officially supported so there are some specific things that you really need to take care before installing.

I have taken some notes but need to find some time write a proper tutorial...find here my notes

Instal squeeze on B3 via USB (need to find the link to the how to, but is straighforward)

login as root/excito

Connect your lapton to b3 ( with a cable to LAN
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

VERY IMPORTANT: add/amend local B3 name and IP in etc/host, this will allow the installation to finalize (otherwise blocked by collectd)


echo "deb kralizec main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list
apt-get update
# Note: You will get a warning that the PGP Key can't be found. Thats fine.

apt-get install openmediavault-keyring postfix

(when promted in postifx select no configuration
# Note: You will get a warning that the package 'openmediavault-keyring' can't be authenticated. You're fine to ignore that warning and install it anyways.

apt-get update
apt-get install openmediavault

choose UTF/guess character set
proftp to run as inetd

run omv-initsystem

- run omv-firstaid to change admin password (although doc says it is "openmediavault", the apt-get method doesn't set it but it uses the local admin pwd instead)
- enable ssh, disabled by default (very important)
- If you get an error about wrong json file, just to an rm of that file

- go to and change interface address of LAN


Please do not change any partition/LVM or B3 will hang at boot.

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