gentoo-on-b3 2.0.{0,1} users: porthash migration to gemato

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gentoo-on-b3 2.0.{0,1} users: porthash migration to gemato

Post by sakaki » 10 Sep 2018, 19:51

NB: the following applies to users of my gentoo-on-b3 live USB versions 2.0.1 and 2.0.0.

Users of the latest 2.1.0 release are unaffected, and need take no action.


If you are subscribed to the rsync mirror at rsync://, and using the automatic signed hash checking provided by app-portage/b3-check-porthash, please note that I am no longer publishing repo.hash and repo.hash.asc signature files for this mirror.

This is because Gentoo itself now contains a signed repository checker (gemato), used automatically by sys-apps/portage (with rsync-verify USE flag). Further, with >=portage-2.3.42, rsync repo deltas that do not pass the gemato check (against official Gentoo public keys) are quarantined.

As such, there is no further need for my privately generated signed hashes (and indeed from gemato's POV they pollute the tree), so I am withdrawing them.

Action Required

To prevent your genup runs failing in future, issue the following commands, in order, on your B3, as root:

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b3 ~ # emaint sync --repo gentoo-b3
b3 ~ # emerge --oneshot --verbose sys-apps/portage
b3 ~ # emerge --depclean app-portage/b3-check-porthash
The first ensures you have the rsync-verify USE flag, and ~arm accept_keywords set for sys-apps/portage. The second updates Portage itself (to a signature-checking variant). The third removes the /etc/portage/repo.postsync.d hook that runs porthash automatically.

At your option, you may then also remove app-portage/porthash itself.

Best, sakaki <>

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