Debian stretch (9) image 1.1 released for B3

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Re: Debian stretch (9) image 1.1 released for B3

Post by NickNak » 07 Apr 2019, 17:24

Thanks for your excellent work MouettE, I've just installed stretch from your image and it all went perfectly smoothly.

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Re: Debian stretch (9) image 1.1 released for B3

Post by tsteiger » 07 May 2020, 05:46

First of all thanks for the excellent work to keep the b3 alive. I use currently this deiban stretch version for my b3. Maybe I will update my system to the newer debian releases.

I would like to use a TV USB-Stick (DVB-C). It is the following model: ... l_TV_Tuner

I tried to install the driver for this usb stick according the the following description: ... ce_Drivers

Unfortunately the build failed with the following message:

Code: Select all

Preparing to compile for kernel version 4.9.147

***WARNING:*** You do not have the full kernel sources installed.
This does not prevent you from building the v4l-dvb tree if you have the
kernel headers, but the full kernel source may be required in order to use
make menuconfig / xconfig / qconfig.
Could someone provide the kernel modules or help me with compiling the driver?

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