Bubba|2 Gentoo Users - Please Check /usr/bin/python

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Bubba|2 Gentoo Users - Please Check /usr/bin/python

Post by sakaki » 21 May 2017, 09:23


if you are using Gentoo on your B2, please note that a recent issue within the Gentoo tree may have resulted in the /usr/bin/python link being misdirected. As a result, issuing "python" at the command line will not work and many installs / upgrades (such as when using genup) will fail.

To check if this affects you, simply issue:

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b2 ~ # python
If python launches OK, you need do nothing further. However, if you get an error (such as "command not found"), then issue:

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b2 ~ # emerge --ask --verbose --oneshot dev-lang/python-exec
Confirm when prompted. This is a small package and won't take long to build (it is also present on the isshoni.org binhost, for those using that facility).

Once this package has installed, python should launch normally, and genup etc. should also work once more.

Best, sakaki

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