Arch Linux live-USB <= 1.1.2 : important networking fix

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Arch Linux live-USB <= 1.1.2 : important networking fix

Post by sakaki » 06 Apr 2015, 15:24

Hello -

if you are using my Arch Linux live-USB, version <= 1.1.2, please be aware that there is a networking race condition you should address, which can cause eth1 (and, in some situtations, eth0 as well) to fail to come up on boot.

To fix this problem, either use version >=1.1.3 of the image (now posted to GitHub, here), or, when logged in to an earlier version of the image, issue:

Code: Select all

[root@archb3 ~]# nano -w /etc/systemd/system/setethermac@.service
and then modify the "Before" line so it reads:

Code: Select all netctl@wan.service netctl@lan.service
(Add any additional netctl profiles which you have defined, and which reference eth0 or eth1, to this "Before" list also.)
Save, and exit nano. Reboot, and you are done.

Sorry about that ><, and thanks to Pascal G. for reporting the issue.



PS for those who are interested, the problem arises because I kexec the archlinuxarm kernel. As such, the ethernet adaptor MACs, which are normally set up by U-Boot, are set by the setethermac@.service instead. However, if this does not complete before netctl tries to start up eth0 or eth1 (via the wan or lan profiles), netctl will error out. My bad, apologies ><

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