Orderd my Bubba server

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Orderd my Bubba server

Post by rodrigo » 16 Feb 2008, 10:55

Hello all, i have orderd my Bubba server by online swedish store and it will arive when it arrives so.
I have some quetstion what i can do and can´t do so, i hope you can answer as many as posible.

1: i am planning of running a online photo album so family can view and see videos, there is tons of free software outhere so that´s not really the issue and sonce i have 320 gig of aviable space to fill it up i don´t have to worry about running out of space in quite some time.

Is there Mysql and php aviable to add to the bubba server so i can use the free software or is mysgl and php already added when i get it home?.

2: i want to use it to run Skype and cn have running on the server, it that aviable at the moment?

3:can someone link me to site that is running a bubba server or if excito has a test server up and running so i can how it looks like or something similar.

4:i woulsd like to run a vo-sip application service so i can call out by my ipod touch to use it as my private vosip service, is that posible?.

thanks for your time and future replys to answer my question ,and i hope you all got a nice day.

greetings rodrigo.