SMB phone

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SMB phone

Post by grndvl1 » 04 Mar 2012, 04:42

Trying to use the AndSMB client with my Bubba server. Seems to be having some credential issues. Not sure how to set the samba.conf. I can access the home/storage no problem from the Windows PC...without having to log in at all but when I try to use the AndSMB and do it anonymous then it errors with invalid user. I tried using nobody, my user, guest... am clueless how to get this to work. Any ideas? I also know for sure its not firewall related, as I have set up the firewall with the correct ports too.

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Re: SMB phone

Post by ian » 09 Mar 2012, 13:44

I think anonymous will always fail, but it should work if you log in using the same credentials as your PC. I am not familiar with AndSMB, but I have used the free ES File Explorer, and that works fine on all of our Android phones...