Homeautomation 1.1

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Homeautomation 1.1

Post by DanielM » 02 Apr 2010, 01:58

Hi all.
Homeautomation 1.1 has just been released. Since it (as opposed to 1.0) is available in other languages than swedish (so far swedish, finnish and english) I'll make a new thread about it, this time in english.

For those of you that haven't been following the thread (http://forum.excito.net/viewtopic.php?p=10834) about Homeautomation 1.0, it is a web interface for controlling a Tellstick, which is a small USB dongle making it possible to control radio controlled power devices in your home. For more information about Tellstick, see http://www.telldus.se.

If you want to see what Homeautomation looks like in action, see my page at http://ljus.kolefors.se (log in using demo/password1). I'm using a Bubba server (ie the original version) but it works fine on Bubba 2 as well. The download for the files needed to install on your own server is found at http://karpero.mine.nu/counter/click.php?id=7.

Changelog from our Mantis follows:

Code: Select all

- [Database] Eventlogging with dimlevel true/false is not handled as numeric 1/0 by some database engine versions.
- [Installer] Fix the install script to handle updates as well.
- [General] Verify Mac compatibility.
- [Tdtool] Commandline reports "You are not allowed here" for some OS.
- [Languages] Translate to finnish.
- [General] Add licensing to pages.
- [Tellstick] Verify absolute dimmer function.
- [General] Mobile version.
- [Configuration] Need possibility to clear houseplan configuration.
- [Installer] Install doesn´t seem to understand åäö on some computers.
- [General] Add setting to hide/show the infobox.
- [Scheduler] Add ability to force next event to run now.
- [Log] Add sort, limit, clean.
- [Database] Make queries injection proof.
- [Languages] Add translation support.
- [Database] Make queries support single backslash.
- [Tellstick] Make PHP execute exec in background.
- [Tellstick] Make schedules use last dimlevel.
- [General] Add index.php to links and forms.
- [General] Add configuration for default page.
- [Scheduler] Implement new scenario model.
- [Configuration] Manage scenarios.
- [Languages] Fix languages for settings in database.
- [Languages] Add fallback to english.
- [General] Theming.
- [Languages] Translate to english.
- [General] Add help pages.
- [General] Add info box showing sun rise, sunset, next event.
- [Configuration] Possibility to configure what IP addresses are considered "local".
- [General] Show Scenario setting on houseplan page, eg. Home, Away... 

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Re: Homeautomation 1.1

Post by MagnusJonsson » 03 Apr 2010, 09:10

I have used Homeautomation 1.0 for some time now, and even though the actual hardware (Tellstick) seem to have one or two flaws, I must say that HomeAutomation is what makes all worthwhile !! :D

The upgrade (or the fresh install as it turned out to be for be) from 1.0 to 1.1 was pain-free, but without my previous experience (and DanielM great answers on the 1.0 thread) I would have had a little more difficulties than I did.

Anyway, if you ever get your hands on a Tellstick, this is the piece of php stuff you definitively need to impress your friends.... 8)

Now, I'm just looking forward to version 1.2 where you can set dimlevel in the scheduler !! :wink:

Happy Easter !

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Re: Homeautomation 1.1

Post by DanielM » 20 Oct 2010, 11:48

Hi all.
Sorry for the long delay (it isn't really any fun putting lamps on and off while it's summer and sun never goes down, is it? :D ), but now Homeautomation 1.2 has been released. Since I've just upgraded my B1 to a brand new B3 this is the last version with official support for B1 (I see no reason for why it shouldn't still work on B1, but the platform for my testing will be B3).

Release thread here: http://forum.excito.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2582