Monitor bubba/downloads with this program.

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Monitor bubba/downloads with this program.

Post by 6feet5 » 19 Sep 2008, 17:20

Hi all,

Maybe I'm too late and all you bubba users out there have upgraded to the new great bubba two, what do I know, but here is a new perl program I've written (probably only compatible with the old one). This one will do pretty much the same thing as the firefox plugin I wrote, but this one doesn't require a browser. It does however require perl (and wget).

It will fetch information from bubba and print it in a format of your choice. The output format is controlled using tags in a template file, making it suitable to generate input for dynamic/pipe menus in window managers that support such features (like Openbox or pekwm). I use it to generate a dynamic menu in my Openbox root menu. Here's a screenshot that show what it can look like:


The window at bottom left show the template file that generate the input for the system menu you see. From this menu I can see the usual stuff and I can also stop a download by clicking that menu item.

For those interested, visit


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Post by Eek » 20 Sep 2008, 02:09

that's cool
I will try it

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Post by 6feet5 » 28 Sep 2008, 16:22

Any Opera users out there? Using the above mentioned scripts ability to add new downloads, here's what to do to make Opera add downloads directly to your bubba downloads. The first one will make Opera add it when clicking torrent link (using left mouse button). The second one will add a new menu item to the context menu shown when right clicking the torrent link. Choose what ever method you prefer (or use both).

1. Select "Tools->Preferences" and click the "Advanced" tab.
2. Select "Downloads" from the list to the left.
3. Uncheck "Hide file types opened with Opera" to show the torrent file type.
4. Locate and select "application/x-bittorrent" in the list and click "Edit..."
5. Select "Open with other application"
6. Enter the full path to the above mentioned script, followed by '--user=NAME --add' where NAME is your bubba user name.
Eg. '/home/johan/bin/bubbainfo --user=john --add'
7. Make sure "Pass Web address directly to application" is selected.
8. Click Ok.

From now on, any torrent file you click will be added to the bubba downloads.

1. Select "Tools->Preferences" and click the "Advanced" tab.
2. Select "Toolbars" from the list to the left.
3. Select "Opera Standard" in the "Menu setup" list, then click "Duplicate".
4. Write down the path to the menu files (locate the folder by selecting Help->About->Opera path).
5. Quit Opera (you shouldn't edit the file while opera is running)
6. Open the menu file in the folder you just wrote down.
7. Remove all sections but the "[Link Popup Menu]"
8. Set NAME to something different, eg Bubba Downloads
9. Add the following line to the popup section:
Item, "Add to Bubba downloads"=Execute program, "/path/to/bubbainfo", "--user=NAME --add=%l". NAME is your username on bubba.
Your file should look something like:

Code: Select all

Opera Preferences version 2.1
; Do not edit this file while Opera is running
; This file is stored in UTF-8 encoding

File Version=2

Description=Opera Standard menu setup
Author=Opera Software ASA
NAME=Bubba downloads

[Link Popup Menu]
Item, M_BOOKM_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_OPEN="Open link, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, MI_IDM_MENU_PAGEBAR_LINK_IN_NEW_PAGE="Open link in new page, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, MI_IDM_MENU_PAGEBAR_LINK_IN_BG_PAGE="Open link in background page, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, MI_IDM_HLITEM_GET_IN_NEW_WINDOW="Open link in new window, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, M_OPEN_BACKGROUND_WINDOW="Open link in background window, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, "Add to Bubba downloads"=Execute program, "/home/johan/bubbainfo-0.1/bubbainfo", "--user=johan --add=%l"
Item, M_LINKS_PANEL_BOOKMARK_LINK="Add link to bookmarks, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, MI_IDM_POPUP_LINK_ADDRESS="Copy link, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, MI_IDM_SAVELINKDOCAS="Save link, -2, "urlinfo""
Item, M_SAVE_LINK_TO_DOWNLOAD_FOLDER="Download url, -2, "urlinfo""
10. Select "Tools->Preferences" and click the "Advanced" tab.
11. Select "Toolbars" from the list to the left.
12. Select "Bubba Downloads" (or what ever you named it in step 8 ) in the "Menu setup" list, then click "Ok".

From now on, right clicking a torrent link should give you with the option to add that torrent file as a download on your bubba server.

Tested on Linux (ArchLinux to be specific), using Opera v9.52 (and I'm still using a BUBBA|SERVER, not the new one). On windows you may have to add the full path to the perl interpreter in front of my script (I'm not sure how Windows treat perl scripts). And, depending on your configuration, you may have to add extra options to the ones mentioned above. See detailed help (bubbainfo --man) for additional help.