Extra cooling!!

How are you using your Bubba? Got ideas for a cool modification? Share!
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Extra cooling!!

Post by ian » 07 Jul 2008, 11:01

I was having some trouble keeping my beloved bubba cool. It sits in our meterkast (meter cupboard), which has the advantage of having a door which is lockable; great for security. Unfortunately, because we have what is called stadsverwarming (piped hot-water system, not sure what this is called in English), and because the heat-exchanger is also in this cupboard, the bubba was getting a bit hot (highest temperature registered by hddtemp/bubbamon was 57C).

To try to improve things, I bought a 9cm desktop PC fan (€7,50), wired this to an old 6v power-supply (from a cordless phone), and stuck the fan to my bubba using double-sided tape. Hey presto; bubba suddenly runs 7-10C cooler, much better than I could have hoped for. It doesn't look terribly pretty, and definitely makes the bubba look less svelte, but then again, no-one can see it.

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Post by RonaldJ » 09 Jul 2008, 02:36

Mine reached 59C during a warm day..... Just below the max. temperature of the HD.
I have a 750Gb, so that might get hotter than - say - a 320Gb.
I solved it with a simple ventilator, which is aimed at the Bubba on hot days. Drops the temperature by 7 degrees.