Bubba as a PVR for Digital TV?

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Bubba as a PVR for Digital TV?

Post by xMachina » 14 May 2008, 08:18

Hi guys,

I have a PS3 which I've dual-booted with Linux, mainly for the purpose of watching Digital TV on my USB TV tuner.

But seeing as the PS3's native XMB interface picks up the Bubba's MediaTomb interface so nicely, I am thinking, why don't I connect my USB tv tuner directly to Bubba, then run a daemon to record my favourite shows & then watch them from the PS3 using MediaTomb to stream them?

Can anyone spot any reasons why this is a _dumb_ idea straight away? I'm not sure how hard it would be to compile the digital TV drivers into the Linux Kernel on Bubba. Performance-wise, I imagine it's not too bad as the Digital TV in Australia is basically just a MPEG2 stream that has to be saved, so no encoding/decoding involved.

Of course I would have to program up a little web interface to the TV tuner in Bubba so I could choose what to record conveniently from the PS3, but that might be a fun little project ;)