Still some download problems

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Still some download problems

Post by Clive » 15 Aug 2007, 05:24

Not a major problem, but the figures displayed for the torrent downloads still don't seem to display correctly for larger downloads.

I have had a download ongoing for a few days, the Torrent size was 5.4GB. It has reached 95% complete (that is what is displayed) However the "DL:" shows only 1.1GB downloaded. It seemed to be OK until it got to around 4.0GB when it seems to have reset itself. There have no no restarts or anything during this period.

It's no real problem as the file has been downloaded in full, but thought I would mention it for the next update...

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Post by Cros » 15 Aug 2007, 07:30

I have also encountered this problem with large downloads. My DL was almost 8GB. First time it said Complete the DL-stat was 5GB, so I redid the download, this time I watched it while it completed. The percentage went up to 100% while the DL-stat still went to 5G, but when it switched to completed, the DL-stat all of a sudden reported 101MB. Something is off here.

Great product though.

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Post by Cheeseboy » 16 Aug 2007, 12:44

I had similar problems.
32bit long limitation issue?

However, it works fine with Bubbalibres wonderful tiny hack:


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Post by tor » 17 Aug 2007, 04:17


You are right in us having a bug, a 32bit one, in the info field of the download manager. Will be fixed in next release. Thx for pointing it out. :)

But as a comment on this field. It might not show exactly what one would think. The UL and DL "totals" are actually only what has been downloaded in the last run. Not a total download. That means that if you stop the download and resume it later it will start from zero again. Which might not be what one would like.

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Post by Clive » 17 Aug 2007, 07:38

I think this is ok Tor, if I remember rightly it is the same way Ktorrent works on Linux. If you stop a torrent and restart it, the stats are related to what has been downloaded since it was restarted.