How about Pinnacle Showcenter 200/250 or Linksys Kiss Player

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How about Pinnacle Showcenter 200/250 or Linksys Kiss Player

Post by dsp76 » 26 Dec 2007, 12:25

does anyone use Pinnacle SHOWCENTER or Linksys Kiss Player along with Bubba? I still tend to buy the soundbridge, but video as extra at the showcenter may change my mind...

Do you think it would work? Is any of the mediaservers on bubba able and set up to stream video?
Do the client devices need their proprietary Windows Server Programs to work?

Looking forward to see some experiences...


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Post by Xargon » 26 Dec 2007, 17:58

I use Kiss DP-1600 with KissDx running on my Bubba and it works fantastic. Stable, high quality and really fast.


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Post by amorphia » 28 Dec 2007, 16:24

That is so cool. I am interested in a Bubba because of the reports that Slimserver works for music. But I ama bit worried that Slimserver really pushes the Bubba to the limits of its capabilities (e.g. people report that the web interface is very slow).

So I wasn't expecting a video server software to be possible, given that I guessed it would be more demanding than slimserver. But it seems Xargon has it working. Really nice. Was the set-up at all straightforward? Anyone else got KissDx running? Is this something which gets any official or semi official support?



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Post by Xargon » 30 Dec 2007, 20:15

There is a KissDX forum where u get all help u need. Its easy to install if you know basic linux.

Bubba has not been anywhere near a bottleneck for my Kiss - Bubba video setup. Not once noticed any problems, i even run it to a 106 inch projector screen with 1080p HD.


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Warning for Pinnacle

Post by Frippe » 13 Jan 2008, 12:26

I have a Pinnacle Showcenter and I must say that it is the worst buy I've ever made. I haven't used it with Bubba though, I don't use it at all anymore, the GUI is crap, it's really slow and the program to install on your computer just sucks.
You have been warned!

/ Frippe

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Post by DanielM » 27 Jun 2008, 03:49

Hi all.
I'm looking into buying a machine for showing Bubba's movies on my tv. I want it to have a built in dvd-reader (removing the need for just another machine in my tv furniture) and wireless network. People seem to have good experience with KISS DP-1600, but what about D-Link DSM-320RD? Is it any good? Any other input? What should I buy?

I also found another machine, Linksys DMA2200, which seems like a really nice machine. Seems to be very Microsoftified though, I guess it won't work with Bubba?