How have you customized YOUR Bubba?

How are you using your Bubba? Got ideas for a cool modification? Share!
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How have you customized YOUR Bubba?

Post by mountaindude » 04 Oct 2007, 15:56

The Bubba is nice in its original configuration, but part of its charm is the fact that you can configure it to your liking (at least if you know a bit about configuring Linux systems).

Personally I have found the main challenge to be the limited amount of RAM. I can live with the CPU being kind of slow, but installing certain applications or too many applications will cause excessive swapping, which simply is no fun or good at all.

At I have listed my own current configuration and planned future changes, given that I can tweak the memory usage to allow for them.

Would be interesting to hear more about what other Bubba users are running on their machines - feel free to share your own configurations!
I would myself for a start be interested in more ideas on how to best use the little fella'.

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Post by tester22 » 06 Oct 2007, 15:03

I mostly use my bubba for media storage.

Instead of the limited original download functionality I have added:
Torrentflux-b4rt with sqllite, transmission and a home built growl notification.
To increase the usability I have added Netatalk for AFP shares, and one of the shares is automatically mounted on my Apple tv.

So search for what you want in torrentflux, get a small notification on the screen of my laptop then it is downloaded, and just a click with the remote to play ot on my HDTV.

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Post by rodrigo » 20 Mar 2008, 00:37

I put on Yellow sticker with a smiley on, it´s looks happier now.
And installed a opendchub so.
But the yelow sticker is cool.

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Post by msx » 20 Mar 2008, 03:59

rodrigo wrote:I put on Yellow sticker with a smiley on, it´s looks happier now.
And installed a opendchub so.
But the yelow sticker is cool.
lol :) i once almost convinced me to paint it red, but then i avoided it.

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Post by ian » 20 Mar 2008, 05:18

My bubba is more or less in its original state, but is used pretty intensively. I have installed bubbamon, enabling the bubba's status to be viewed using both of our soundbridges, as well as via a Firefox plugin (current uptime 83 days and counting!).

The bubba is now powered via an APC UPS, but I haven't dared to install the apc packages to enable actual controlled shutting down of the bubba in the event of a (long) power failure.

To try to make my life simple, I have been using a variety of REXX scripts on my laptop to upload/backup data and videos, create an HTML photo album, and perform various other data-copying duties.

I had fun writing a REXX program to combine 3 separate music libraries into a single unified library on the bubba, without duplicates (he says hopefully!). One benefit of this is that we have now managed to move all of our CDs out of the living room, as all of the music is stored on and listened to via the bubba; so Excito, thank you for giving us more space in our lounge...!


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Post by microcode » 03 Jun 2008, 17:09

My bubba lives a quiet life as a little workhorse server, one that I can leave powered on all the time without generating huge electric bills.

I recently switched over to the minimal etch install, and then added the following packages:

Lighttpd web server
gcc and other development tools

I'd like to add a DNS server and maybe some mail handling functions at some point.

My bubba is not currently accessible from the internet, but my intention is to make it so once I beef up security.