B3 + SSD + raspberry pi

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B3 + SSD + raspberry pi

Post by pixellegolas » 05 Nov 2016, 12:37

Hi guys! I have been using the B3 for some time together with raspberry pi 2 and it has worked really good. I however see sometimes when I stream 1080p I get stutter. I wonder if this has got to do with my old harddrive. I replaced it now with a samsung 256gb ssd.

Is it the harddrive you believe or is it something else I need to do?

I am using it through a router that also uses digital-tv and some other stuff. Never did any settings changes.

And oh by the way, if I want to use the ps4 media player, how can I make the B3 visible? It is not showing though I can see it in almsost all my ipad and android phone apps


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Re: B3 + SSD + raspberry pi

Post by Marcantel » 29 Oct 2017, 08:52

Hey Pixel, I get stuttering on 1080p alot too. Did you find a fix?

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