B3 as a wireless device to an access point

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B3 as a wireless device to an access point

Post by theWebalyst » 11 Apr 2014, 14:56

I am trying to get my B3 to act as a server which connects to the internet via the WiFi hotspot on my smartphone (Samsung/Android).

I followed the Excito Wiki: Connect your B3 as a wireless device to an access point

Having done this I can see that my b3 connects successfully (I can see it on the smartphone list of connected devices - and I have it as an "Allowed Device"). I am able to connect and network multiple devices this way (e.g. Windows 7 laptop, Canon WiFi printer).

However, the B3 cannot see the internet, and I can't access it from other devices connected to the WiFi hotspot. I can connect to the B3 using a LAN connection to the Windows laptop, and I can share internet access with the B3 over the LAN, but I want the B3 to have internet access with just the WiFi hotspot available.

If I do

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sudo su -
ifdown wlan0
ifup wlan0
I see that the B3 does not receive any DHCP offers.

If I look at the B3 web interface, I have:
- Profile > Server Only
- WAN > Obtain IP Address Automatically (DHCP)
This shows everything zero'd except "Default gateway" which has the IP of the smartphone correcly. Earlier, it did also have a valid IP for the smartphone DNS, but this is now zero. I have briefly tried setting the IP values manually but without success.
- LAN > Obtain IP Address Automatically (DHCP)
- Wireless > OFF
- Firewall > reports "These settings are locked (no valid WAN port connection)."

I have looked in /var/syslog but no real clues there and have no idea where to look or what to try.

I guess it could be something with my mobile provider, but I have a contract that allows tethering (and this is how my Windows laptop is connected and sharing that connection with the B3 - it is my only source of internet). I have also previously used tethering to connect a Linux laptop to the internet using a USB connection to the smartphone.

Any ideas?



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Re: B3 as a wireless device to an access point

Post by kenned » 12 May 2014, 16:33

Have you enabled DHCP configuration of the WLAN device?
You can try doing it manually by running

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dhclient wlan0
-and then checking if gateway and DNS gets updated (or just try to ping something).

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