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Bubba Backup not working...

Posted: 08 Oct 2012, 15:44
by Clive
Arrrgg !!!

I have been trying all weekend to get the PHP Bubba backup function in the UI working but with no luck.
I have a USB stick in the back of my B3 which mounts OK, but when I try to create a new backup job in the Web Interface, it is never created. If I try to create a new job with the same name, it tells me a job with the same name already exists....

All I am trying to do is create a backup job which backs up my email onto a USB stick on a daily basis but each time I attempt to create such a job, I go through the procedure of specifying the directory, destination device, frequency... All goes OK but the job is never created.

Any ideas ?

Re: Bubba Backup not working...

Posted: 08 Oct 2012, 15:53
by Clive
...OH, and as soon I I write that I decide to look into the /var/log/backup directory, delete everything beneath it and "voila!" the web interface is displaying all the jobs I have attempted to create.

The backup of my email directories is running fine now...

Although as up until now, all my actions had been from the B3 web admin interface, I should not have had to resort to cmdline to fix this problem....

Re: Bubba Backup not working...

Posted: 13 Oct 2012, 14:08
by johannes
Glad it works but it sounds strange, and if you have enough details I'd like to post a bug report on this (like b2/b3, software version, what happened before your issues (did it ever work?) etc.. If you feel you have any energy left we'd really appreciate this in an email to

Thanks in advance.