HD swap question

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HD swap question

Post by Joric17 » 02 Jun 2012, 10:10

This is my problem:
I have a B3 with 1TB disk (WD10EARS). When I take the disk out and put it in a PC I can see the partitions like normal.
Now i bought a second disk, this time 2TB (WD20EARS).
I put the disk in the B3 and install the system from USB stick. After installing, the B3 works like normal.
So far so good, but, when i put this disk now in a pc, no partitions are detected, not in linux, not in windows (unallocated file system).
Is the 4kB sector size of the 2TB disk the problem?
What can i do to make the 2TB disk accessable out of the B3?
In the wiki i found something about an update to support 4kB block size disks but that didn't help.


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