B2 OS reinstall clarification (Wheezy host)

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B2 OS reinstall clarification (Wheezy host)

Post by brokenpike » 03 Jul 2011, 18:29

How do I know if my usb is good?
How should I prep the usb drive with gparted?
msdos partition table? all on 1 primary partition? fat16? bootable flag?
Is the WAN connection required for the reinstall or just the updates?

How do I put the zipped install image on the usb?( open termanal in usb drives root directory and 'unzip /home/squeeze/downloads/b2-install-1.2.zip' )

In step 8 (hold down power button the plugin power button) how long should I hold down the power button?

In step 9 how long should I wait for the 4 hz flash?



From the B2 manual:
Standard installation

Note: All your personal data will be lost if doing this operation. A complete hard drive format will be done.

1 Download the recovery image at: http://update.excito.net/install/latest/bubba-two/
2Insert the USB memory stick in to your PC (minimum size 256 MByte) and format it, select FAT32 as file system if prompted. The USB stick must have a partition table.
3 Unzip the downloaded recovery image to the root catalogue on the USB stick.
4 Shut down Bubba|Two.
5 Remove power to Bubba|Two.
6 Place the USB memory in one of Bubba|Two's USB ports, which one doesn't matter.
7 Make sure that Bubba|Two's WAN port is connected to internet; this is needed during installation (to set time etc.).
8 Hold the power button pressed, keeping it pressed, and plug in the power cord to Bubba|Two again.
9 Wait until Bubba|Two begins to flash its LED (at 4Hz), hold the button pressed for 5 seconds then release it.

Bubba|Two will now automatically format the disk, and install the Linux file system on it. The installation will take about 15 minutes to complete with a 1 TB disk, 20 minutes with a 2 TB disk. Wait until the LED stops flashing.
10 Enter the web interface and perform a software update to ensure that your Bubba|Two runs the latest software: Click 'Settings' and 'Update', then press 'Update system'. (as described in chapter Software Update).
11 Reboot your Bubba|Two. This is needed in case that the kernel was updated.

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Re: B2 OS reinstall clarification (Wheezy host)

Post by Binkem » 04 Jul 2011, 02:56

1. I don't know either. There's an outline of the procedure on a Bubba: http://download.excito.net/web/BubbaTwo ... stall.html , but on a Windows machine it's all pretty much trial and error I guess
2. There's a post somewhere that USB sticks with a GPT partition table don't work, but MBR partition tables do work.
3. See 1. and 2. The USB doesn't have to be bootalbe, I guess
4. You may (re)install a B2 or B3 without internet connection. I'd advice you to install then adjust settinges and only the connect it to the internet.
5. Just unzip the image to the root of your USB drive. Do take care on a reinstall to change the bubba.cfg file if you want to keep your data partition intact!
6. Just hold the button for five seconds after the light starts flashing
7. The flash should start in a couple of seconds.


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Re: B2 OS reinstall clarification (Wheezy host)

Post by johannes » 04 Jul 2011, 09:18


We are aware that this process can be troublesome:

First: To get a working USB (with partition table) you can use this guide: http://wiki.excito.org/wiki/index.php/Usbstick
Note that this only is neccessary if your drive doesn't already have a partition table. Another way to make sure is to use an external hard drive, they always do.

Yes, just unzip to the usb root dir.

In step 8: Release the power button when the LED starts blinking
In step 9: Less than 30 seconds. If the 4 Hz blink doesn't occur, something is wrong. Also: on some Bubba 2 systems we have noted that the install process is undstable. If the 4 Hz doesn't occur but you think everything else is as it should be, try again. After max four attempts it has always worked for us.
/Johannes (Excito co-founder a long time ago, but now I'm just Johannes)

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