b.u.b.b.a ?...

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b.u.b.b.a ?...

Post by zander » 05 Jan 2009, 16:21


what does BUBBA stand for? is it an acronym? or just a cute name?


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Post by Magnus » 12 Jan 2009, 13:34

Hi Zander,
Have you ever seen the movie "Bubba Ho-tep"? Great if you like weird, black comedy movies. Our product has nothing to do with the movie itself but just after seeing the movie we started our work with Bubba. We liked the name Bubba and borrowed it. The name was actually a temporary name for the product when developing it. We liked it more and more so we decided to keep it when we released Bubba|Server, and now later on Bubba|Two.
The rest is history :)
Magnus, Excito developer

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Post by yooakim » 13 Jan 2009, 03:10

Nice to hear about the origin of the name BUBBA, I've also been wondering where it came from.

More about the film can be found here:


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