Excellent device

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Excellent device

Post by branscha » 04 May 2008, 05:45

I am using a Bubba since december 2007. I use it as a home server to share data between my computers and to run some other services. Backups are running using cron/rsync to an offsite backup service.

The concept of the device works great for me, it is running all the time, I never have to shut it down and it consumes almost no power. I do not need a full speed server at home.

The fact that it is customizable because it runs linux is very important. It allows me to tweak things the way I want. The older version of linux does not pose problems, a lot of stuff has been back-ported.

The forum is also very useful to find how to do things and for troubleshooting.

I appreciate the no-nonsense pragmatic approach.

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Post by Pressurized » 04 May 2008, 17:35

I totally agree

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