Preventions to cut out spam?

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Preventions to cut out spam?

Post by GaryL » 14 Sep 2007, 04:26


I’ve only been on this forum for a very short time, but I can’t help noticing the amount of spam threads that get posted, its kinda shocking for all the size of the forum to be honest.

Is this something that can be tightened up on?

It makes having a sneaky peek of the excito forum at work at bit more risky :roll: :lol:

Plus it doesn’t look good for any newbies to the site.

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Post by tor » 15 Sep 2007, 08:26

Hi GaryL

This is an ongoing problem that really p*sses us of as well. Unfortunately we are out of good ideas on how to fight this on the current installation of the forum. Any tips on what to do is very apreciated.

Unfortunately it seems like the spams we receive nowadays is done manually since we require quite a lot to get posting rights.

We will move this forum to a new hosting location in a not to distant future and then we will have the option to do a new install or choose another forum. But until then our options are somewhat limited.

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Post by Ubi » 17 Sep 2007, 08:01

This problem is very common for phpBB

I'm afraid it's not manually. Hacks for phpBB are widespread and only require and email answer bot.
One thing that helps is this:

Another thing that works is adding a password on the webserver. You can then give the password in the dialog or in some site preceeding the dialog (preferably as an image). Although this is also hackable, it is so uncommon that few bots search for this. Also, when the forum is behind some protection the spiders won;t find it and attack it.

hope this helps

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Post by excitotest3 » 17 Sep 2007, 10:06


Nice suggestion with kittenauth Implemented now :) Lets hope it will stop some of the spam.


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