VAT: buying from EU and non-EU countries

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VAT: buying from EU and non-EU countries

Post by nixprog » 07 Mar 2009, 08:52

Hi, again,
someone can explain me how are the VAT laws?

If I'm a private buyer that lives in EU have I to pay VAT buying stuffs in sweden (i.e. bubba server)?

and if live outside-EU?

thanks for your attention

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Post by johannes » 07 Mar 2009, 14:24

Yes, private buyers has to pay tax in the originating country, that are the rules. However, if the destination is outside the EU VAT is paid in the importing country (for instance, if buying from the US, VAT is charged by your import custom authoritys).

However, companies within the EU do not pay VAT at all, but this requires stating a valid EU VAT number upon purchase.
/Johannes (Excito co-founder a long time ago, but now I'm just Johannes)

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