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Posted: 24 Nov 2007, 03:28
by paolol61
Hi, any one know if is possible to install amule in bubba ??
Paolol61 8)

Posted: 25 Nov 2007, 05:33
by msx
i don't think amule can be installed, but you can take a look about mldonkey here:

Posted: 26 Nov 2007, 04:51
by paolol61
that perfect, I'm not very familiar with Linux :( so Amule was my best try ;)

Posted: 26 Nov 2007, 05:32
by msx
That's a good occasion to make some linux experience :)
Amule, iirc, only work with a graphical interface. Since bubba is an headless system (no display), it can't easily run.
On the other side mldonkey doesn't have a graphical interface, it instead have an http interface, so you control it with a browser as if it was a web application. I like very much this solution as it uses little resources, gives you a graphical interface nonetheless, and i'm able to control my mldonkey over the internet from work :)

Posted: 17 Mar 2008, 15:08
by Josef K.
actually amule come without a GUI (amule-daemon) and with a web-server
I wonder if it can be installed on bubba ?_?

Posted: 25 Aug 2008, 10:45
by gb
I have succeeded to install the amule-daemon package on bubba. The instructions are in the following link:

The packages for Debian sarge are available at, even if (and just for the ARM architecture...) there is a problem with broken dependencies that prevent the installation. Packages with corrected dependencies can be downloaded from the instructions page linked above.

Note: installation require an upgrade to the official Debian sarge package repositories

Re: Amule

Posted: 29 Apr 2010, 07:11
by zamesdin
# Create a user AMule , after which the client will be executed.
# Install the packages with dpkg . Setup aMule daemon will ask if you want to start the daemon at startup, and the user will be devoted to its operation.
# To simplify the recovery of files, change the configuration of AMule.Incoming and Temp folders to get them directly into the home directory of aMule uses, instead of under hidden-directory configuration.
# Please specify AcceptExternalConnections = 1 in the configuration file to allow connections to AMule client from other computers .
# Open port TCP 4662 and UDP 4665 and 4672 on your network firewall control.