Another network-card?

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Post by Ubi » 13 Aug 2007, 08:10

I think I'll decide what I must or must not do.
What I'm trying to do is to help you solve your problem as close to your objectives as possible giver the limitations that there are. If you think that buying a $10 hub is too much work and you'd rather sit with a full blown PC instead, then fine, go and sulk and whine over that missing NIC. I was under the impression you actually wanted to get something done.

And that concludes my contribution and interest to this thread.

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Post by Clive » 13 Aug 2007, 08:39

I don't think rrohde has been too forceful with what he is trying to do, he certainly never suggested that you should follow his ideas.

However, when I just had my main PC, I used this for all my firewalling and networking with two nic cards, the downside was that I had to keep this running 24/7, I was also aware of the overhead that all this firewalling and routing had on my main machine. I would not want to put that sort of overhead onto a Bubba unless it had some dedicated hardware for doing this away from the main processor.

With my setup at the moment, I have my ADSL modem + Wireless Router + Bubba all installed in a cabinet in my hallway. The footprint is small, the power consumption is miniscule and I prefer having dedicated hardware for specific purposes. My Belkin router seems to have a much larger throughput from when I was doing the same thing with just my PC.

Different strokes for different folks.....

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Post by rrohde » 13 Aug 2007, 09:05

Yep. I wasn't forceful. Why would I? Having different ideas of how one's solution might look like is not against other people's idea and their solutions.

A thread requesting a 2nd NIC is just about wishing to have a Bubba with a 2nd NIC - no more. It is not, however, about how to get around Bubba not having that feature.... ;)

Same as if I went to the Doc saying I am ill, and the Doc talks about other people that are not ill, without him giving me the meds I need.

Anyway, looking forward to see a Bubba in the future with 2 NICs....

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Post by Cheeseboy » 18 Aug 2007, 16:50

I wouldn't mind a second NIC, but I'd much prefer a RS-232 port on the chassi....