some stupid questions

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some stupid questions

Post by rodrigo » 07 Apr 2008, 14:40

hello, i would like to thanks you all for al lyour help in the pass, and eek for helping me out by msn to fix php fusion thing.

Since i got a new router since my old one was broken by my 1,5 years old nephew that thinked it was a toyand dropped and it was broken after that playtime but his a little child so one can´t get angryat him for that, i got a new one, and it´s up and running and doing it´s thing.

I was thinking if i can change the index on port 80 and if they click on link to go to php fusion pard of the server on port 80 index, and if they click on the coopermine gallery link they go to coppermine part of the server with only one port open.

and i acces my torrent thing and my e-mail at the same time.
by the regual menu.

Thanks in advanced, greetings rodrigo, sweden.

ps. i would like to change my theme on php fusion so it´s says on the theme that´s it´s runned by bubba server, if sometone has it, pm me or e-mail it me, i pm you my e-mail of you want to send it to me or send me a link where to get if you want.

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Post by Eek » 13 Apr 2008, 03:42


Yes i see no problem in doing that.

regarding the phpfusion themes
there are some sites you can get phpfusion themes

to change the theme so it says it's running on the bubba server
1) change the theme_functions_include.php

Code: Select all

vi /var/www/html/phpfusion/php-files/includes/theme_functions_include.php
look for: function showcopyright (line 101)
and change to:
function showcopyright($class="") {
global $settings;
$link_class = $class ? " class='$class' " : "";
$res = "Powered by <a href=''".$link_class."target='_blank'>PHP-Fusion</a> copyright &copy; 2003-
2006 by Nick Jones.<br>\n";
$res .= "And <a href=''".$link_class."target='_blank'>Bubba</a> - The Mini Server.";
return $res;
2) sometimes it is necessary to change the theme.php, for example the Aztec theme

Code: Select all

vi /var/www/html/phpfusion/php-files/themes/Aztec/theme.php
look for: "Powered by <a href='' (line 97)
and change to
echo "Powered by <a href='' target='_blank'>PHP-Fusion</a> and <a href='http://www.excito
.com' target='_blank' class='footerlink'>Bubba</a>";