can´t acces my http server on bubba and ftp too

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can´t acces my http server on bubba and ftp too

Post by rodrigo » 15 Mar 2008, 12:08

hello all, i have looked though this fourm and trid out port 443 and even put my bubba on DMZ zone and a buddy my coudl not even acces it form his computer from the outside.
I got the same problem with ftp acces from the outside, but Inside my network i can acces all, it´s when they try to get acce form the outside that they cant get though.

The funny thing is that i set up a opendnshub and they can acces it and they can acce sit form the outisde.

What i need to do is to change the intermal ip tables so i can change port 80 to 8002, same thing with the ftp ip numbers.

Tge best thing would be ti open por 8001 for dc hubb, 8002 for http and 8003 for ftp as example.

Is that posible to do or change the setting to make it happend on my bubba.

Greetings rodrigo, sweden.

unless some can help me out by msn or skype would be highly welcome to.

Mysql problems too, i can´t connewt to my mysql and i traierd to write in the local id and port ad i don´t get it to work, i have opend port 3306 on my firewall/router, i can add phpfusion user and database but i can´t connect to it, i have troed to isntall a small forum too and it can´t either connect.

still any help would be great.
to make it work.

thanks in advanced rodrigo.

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Post by Ubi » 17 Mar 2008, 17:52

dns uses UDP
ftp uses more than one port at the same time

for the rest i have no idea what you did, apart from that it looks like too many steps at once rendering you clueless on why things do not work...

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Post by Cheeseboy » 17 Mar 2008, 20:55

mySQL will not accept connections from another host wirh the defalt settings. It is easy to change tough, just google for it.

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Post by Ubi » 19 Mar 2008, 05:16

running nmap on the machine from the outside world should give you a reasonable idea about whats going on as well


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Post by Eek » 19 Mar 2008, 18:29

Sorry Rodrigo forgot to close this post.
We solved the connectivity issue.
And thus enhanced the php-fusion how-to :)

Just to add another tip:
I use the ShieldsUp service of
(which is of course free) to know what ports has been opened or not.