ned help to change ports

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ned help to change ports

Post by rodrigo » 10 Mar 2008, 09:54

Hello all, i have a bunch of stupid questions here.
i hope you can answer them all.
if not a link to a similar question how to solve my issue is great too.

i am a linux noobie so plz have that in mind.
since i use windows i am used too graphic command and not used any text commands on msdos on my old win 3.1 computer so andthat is many years ago so i am used to it and must relearn to do it again.

here comes the question:
I can´t get external acces to my hopepage to the http part of the server, i had some buddyes try out with the port i opend and they can´t acces it since my isp has blocked port 80, How can i change the port to it points towards index.html and the web part of the server beside.

2:ftp acces from outside my network.
Same prob here they get can´t connect , host took to long time, need to change what port the ftp server bubba will use.

i have tried to open the usal port and even put mt bubba on DMZ on myrouter, since my isp does not allow ftp servers and own servers i can´t use the standard port instead i got to use non standard ports.

Since i know that port:8001 is free since i managed to get opendchubb to work and connect and my buddys connected to it and it worked as is sshould, all i need to to si to change what port to relocate so i can use the bubba as i have planned to host photo gallery so they can uppload photos and dowload tha latest ones from others family members for family outside sweden and friends and a small forum too that does not take too much cpu power posible.

Restictining acces, i want to use the ftp server too, but since all my ftp user can acces the webfolder and stuff like that, i would only for them for the user to have acces to the public ftp server to view and download but not delete and a uppload server to uppload but not delete where all my added user can acces to, us that posible to fix?.
i want to restrict acces to something they need a password to acces ther photo gallery so no outsiders can see private photos unless they got a username and pasword to acces those pages.

is there such software htat can fix it for me.

Thanks in advanced for my nobie question and than for future help to make my bubba work as i planned out.

ps, the torrentdownload thing on bubba rocks, by the way, fonaly got down a tv show that was too slow, and took ages due that i had to turn of my main como, now bubba worked like a houself to get it fdone for me, thanks excito people for that great little addon.

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Post by paolol61 » 10 Mar 2008, 11:38

I'm not an expert on unix but I circunvent theport 80 problem connecting to bubba with HTTPS:\\your address
this use port 443 wich is usually open :)