can i run this kind of software on bubba

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can i run this kind of software on bubba

Post by rodrigo » 21 Feb 2008, 11:54

First i will need a logon script so ican send users to diffrent pages in ther server, like to a phtot gallery, i have looked at SPGM, but it owuld be great , but it does lack of the simple things as to be able to add groups and users, if there is a way to add it to SPGM plz let mw know.
The SPG directory will not need to be pasword becouse it will be on the html, it´s the protected site that will be on a sud directory to the public html.
If there is a photo gallery that has a logn with user groups acces so only a groupe can see a photo album that can run on bubba good enough.

The second thing i would like to add is a secure login script to protected site in the same server .
I remeber have a old java script in the old days , but i would like something tha runs on php or mysql due of security reasons that bubba can handle due of it´s limited resources.
Any recs on a good script that one of you might recomend.

Since it´s doe not seem to be a major issue to to uppgrade and install php and mysql does not seem a major issue to solve that.

What´s the posiblity of running a DC hub by the way on the bubba server, a small hub for invite only?.

beside thats, thanks in advanced for future replys