php-fusion not sending emails

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php-fusion not sending emails

Post by eeeuser1 » 09 Feb 2008, 10:21

I installed this cms a few weeks ago and it worked ok.
I deleted it to try some others, all worked ok, but came back to php-fusion.

I re-installed and the email sending doesn't work this time. for instance when a new person signs up, they are sent an email.

Before I go off to php-fusion's site to ask there, This install was after the bubba upgrade a few days ago - a connection ?
Any ideas anyone?


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Post by Rawhead » 09 Feb 2008, 14:46

In php-fusion you can go to admin panel -->Systemadmin-->mainsettings there you can fill in witch mail you use.

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Post by Eek » 09 Feb 2008, 15:34

you can check the mail log file to see what goes wrong
the log file is: /var/log/mail.log

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Post by eeeuser1 » 11 Feb 2008, 04:42

busy weekend i'll check tonight.

Can someone remind me, did it send automatically or did I have to set up the SMTP server details last time?, I can remember. Maybe its just that simple.