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Post by ian » 30 Jul 2007, 09:11

I have not yet bought a bubba, but am seriously considering it. However, I have one question: if someone were to break into my house and steal my bubba server, how safe would any information on the hard-disk be?

Thanks in advance, Ian.

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Post by bjorn » 30 Jul 2007, 10:29


Not safe at all if the thief has basic knowledge in linux. He could easily remove the disk from bubba and mount it in another computer and read all your data.

You could however implement an encrypted filesystem within the bubba itself, but for that you'd pay a hefty toll on performance as these actions require lots of cpu cycles.


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Post by Ubi » 30 Jul 2007, 14:16

I actually got my bubba to prevent data loss after a robbery. I've mounted it (together with a NetCenter NAS) behind a bolted board, far far away. Most robbers won't expect a computer to be there, let alone invest 20 min in retreiving it. My desktop and laptop sync constantly to the NAS (using AllwaySync) so that, if I do get burgled, I'll allways have my data.

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Post by bjorn » 30 Jul 2007, 17:28

Ubi, sounds like you've had quite fun securing your home :P

But what about floods, fires or direct hit by lightning? If you're really keen on protecting your data you should definitely consider off site backup.

Me and zmannen as written some articles describing an automated, incremental encrypted backup using "trackerless" bittorrent client over internet. Perhaps i should translate and write a quick howto get it setup.

Or if you can't wait for that you can always go ahead and implement your own solution :)

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Post by johan » 14 Aug 2007, 09:32

bjorn, I'd guess that you are the author of the remote backup articles in 'Elektronik i Norden'? Your articles where the reason for me getting a bubba of my own, thank you! :D

Trying to recall your solution, I believe that you indeed used a tracker. A locally implemented tracker, but you were refering to:
..."trackerless" bittorrent client over internet.
Have you improved your solution?

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Post by bjorn » 14 Aug 2007, 10:30


Nice to hear that you liked them enough to buy one, hope you'll have as much fun as we're having with our bubba servers. And you're absolutely right, there's a local tracker. We choose to call it trackerless since the most common methods is to have one centralized tracker, and our local approach this is somewhat semi-decentralized-manual-tracking.

"semi" in the way that we don't have our local trackers communicating with each other, and "manual" in the way that we don't provide any auto-discovery of new members to the network :)

We've not improved the setup any further though, but i turned off the processes we used when writing the articles just the other week, and it had been running fine and backing up my data without problems for several months!


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Post by limpo » 14 Aug 2007, 11:39


Bjorn do you have a link to your documentation, tips?
Sound really cool :D


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Post by Mange » 15 Aug 2007, 06:02

I also got interested, and found the article online ... 0sid46.pdf

and here is the actual script: ... script.htm

(in swedish)

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Post by Clive » 15 Aug 2007, 06:24

It would be good if someone could translate these into English as I am sure this would interest alot of people !