Bubba looses network interface ?

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Bubba looses network interface ?

Post by Clive » 14 Sep 2010, 04:13


I've had my Bubba 1 for a number of years now, still reasonably reliable.

However a couple of times in the last year it seems to have lost it's network connection with the router, the Bubba still seems to be running, it's logs show nothing else except a lost network connection. The light on the router for the Bubba is off. If I power cycle Bubba then it reboots, network connection is restored and it will run fine for another 50+ days before failing with the same problem.

Anyone else seen anything like this ? Thoughts ?

Could be the router at fault as much as the Bubba.


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Re: Bubba looses network interface ?

Post by Ubi » 15 Sep 2010, 15:24

I have this exact same problem and spent ages on figuring out whats going on. I'll add it to the issues list of the beta Lenny thread