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Could not load modules ?

Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 05:39
by Clive
Hi !

I've had Bubba now for less than 12 hours and I am already mightly impressed. I've got my webpages up and running, Wordpress is running fine and the torrent download seems faster than Ktorrent on my SUSE Machines.

(Another thing, the pictures on the Excito homepage really do not do justice on how small Bubba is ! :D )

Just looking as the /var/log/daemon.log there are alot of entries as follows -

Mar 23 09:53:00 sydnew modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory

Is this something to worry about ? I guess the default kernel does not have any modules loaded as the /lib/modules directory is empty, no subdirectory..


Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 06:31
by tor
Hi Clive,

Nice to hear that you are satisfied with your Bubba. :)

Regarding the error messages in the logfile. You can safely ignore those. This is due to us not shipping any modules by default. And hence modprobe gets a little disappointed.


Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 10:00
by Clive
Thanks for the info !