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Spam email question

Posted: 10 Sep 2009, 07:07
by Clive
Hi all,

My Bubba server is over 2.5years old and still performing excellently ! I've never seen the need to upgrade to B2 but guess someday I will.

In the meantime, when I first setup Bubba as my email server was receiving a tremendous amount of Spam email. After around 6 months my router crashed and it was a real pain to get it working again, however from that day I received no more spam. All my regular emails worked and arrived OK, but no dodgy spam suggesting I should increase the size of certain parts of my body.

Last week I received a new combined ADSL modem/w-lan box and set it up, but since then the Spam has come back, 5-6 spam emails an hour.

Can anyone suggest what I might have done in the setup of my old router which stopped the spam ?

Thanks for any suggestions ! - Clive.

Re: Spam email question

Posted: 13 Sep 2009, 03:27
by Clive
Fixed it !!! :lol:

I had switched on the SMTP ports on my router, even though my internet provider does not allow me to send mail via SMTP, when I disabled this port. No more spam !

I am not too sure why this should cause this problem, but at least I am no longer getting drowned in emails for dodgy medicines.