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Auto start & Mediatomb in PS3

Posted: 13 Sep 2008, 17:35
by RealElwood
First, is there anywhere you can put in commands so start every time bubba starts? I want it to fire up ddclient att boot.

Second, when i connect to mediatomb from the PS3 i have to go through a lot of folders to get to the video folder, it starts with "pc directory-var-samba-public-video" can't it just be video at once?

Is there a maximum of subfolders for mediatomb? cause i have in the storage folder "video-folder a-folder b-folder c" and the content of the c folder is not accessable in mediatomb on the PS3, it's not even shown.

Posted: 12 Mar 2009, 02:47
by RealElwood
I thik it's time to refresh this one regarding subfolders when using MediaTomb on the PS3.

At the moment i look through my video collection with Through
PC Directory-->samba-->public-->video-->TV-->(name of series)

That works fine, but when i start adding seasons as another sub folder the PS3 wont go any further. So:
PC Directory-->samba-->public-->video-->TV-->(name of series)-->Season1, isn't accessable. IS there any way to get around this, i would prefer that the PS3 only saw
PC Directory-->(video-->)TV-->(name of series)-->Season 1

Posted: 13 Mar 2009, 03:16
by RealElwood
I figured it out, what i did was the ln command, so if anyone else have the same problem just simply go to the root and type

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ln -s /vas/samba/public/video Video
Then you go to the website of your MediaTomb and the link should be visible as a catalogue at the bottom, simpy add it and your good to go.

This will create a symbolic link in the root called Video, so when you do "PC Directory" from your PS3 you will immediately see your Video folder.