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Bubba|Two versus...

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 08:07
by ec
I've been looking a quiet, low power replacement for my old PIII PC.

Bubba and Fit-PC have been top of the list for a while. I've been lurking here for ages waiting for the new Bubba, which is now more directly comparable with the Fit-PC.

My heart is always leaning towards Bubba, mainly because of the universally positive forum. But my head keeps coming back to Fit-PC, which still arguably has the stronger spec (higher processor speed, lower power consumption).

I'm sure other Bubba users have considered the alternatives and wondered if you would like to share your reasons for choosing Bubba.

I currently run Ubuntu Server on an old PIII PC for
* SqueezeCenter (primary application)
* Samba
* Subversion

I'm recently experimenting with mvpmc etc, trying to find a good solution to stream MPEG-2 video to a Hauppauge MediaMVP.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 10:28
by Eek
The Fit-PC looks really nice.
I think it just comes down to what you wanna do with it?
For me the 60Gb diskspace would not be enough.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 10:29
by GettinSadda
That is awesome!

It beats the current Bubba in many ways and I don't like the resolute refusal to reveal what CPU is in the Bubba|Two so this is high on my list of possible replacements.

The only question I have is if there is a way to get a bigger disk in it.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 11:01
by ec
Disk space available on Bubba is certainly a strong selling point.

So is the possibility of replacing my wireless router, and so saving another 8W off my 24x7 power usage.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 13:32
by carl
We have tested AMD Geode, and notices that they are pretty slow. Bubba|Two will initially deploy with an MPC8313.

edit: was 3, not 5.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 15:52
by osa
Anton Vorontsov has tested MPC8315 board (CPU at 400MHz, CSB at 133 MHz) and measured throughput 142 Mb/s of TCP and 354 Mb/s of UDP. But Anton submited patch which can give +21Mb/s..

When netserver is running on the MPC8315, TCP throughput increases to ~300Mb/s

So.. Bubba|Two seems to be quite fast..

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 02:59
by Binkem
Fit-PC aren't really willing to change the HDD-size. Adding an external HDD is not my way of increasing HDD capacity.

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 06:18
by msx
it looks more like a mini desktop pc then a mini server..

Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 09:06
by paolol61
I agree with msx is a desktop replacement , like the eeepc ( i use it right now ) but with out monitor , keyb and mouse.
Not bad, but not good for server, 2,5" HD are not big they came only on small size at list for now.
So I think bubba II is the right choice for server :)

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 04:39
by Clive
looking at their forum, the performance of the desktop leaves a bit to be desired. With Bubba I am able to stream to my laptop and then to my TV so the display side is handled by a PC and Bubba can dedicate it's resources for streaming.

I am so looking forward to BUBBA|TWO which will fix my only gripe which is throughput. Moving files in and out of my current Bubba can be a pain. Other than that Bubba is a solid and robust server. I rarely need to touch it, indeed I often forget it's there.

Posted: 18 Jul 2008, 05:42
by msx
Yeah the throughput is definitely the weak point of bubba. It's ok when you have to stream an avi to watch it, but when you're transferring many gigabytes of stuff it's slow.

Posted: 19 Jul 2008, 19:44
by vavatch
GettinSadda: A quick google showed me the cpu is a Freescale MPC8313E PowerQUICC II.

Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 07:28
by GettinSadda
vavatch wrote:GettinSadda: A quick google showed me the cpu is a Freescale MPC8313E PowerQUICC II.
Yeah, it seems that the answer could easily be found in an article that was written a day after my post

Edit: This is the article that contains the details about the Bubba|Two using the MPC8313E, not the one you linked

Posted: 21 Jul 2008, 17:02
by vavatch
Ah. So their malicious, "resolute refusal" dissipated within days of the release of their product and as soon as someone asked them - fair enough!

Posted: 22 Jul 2008, 03:23
by johannes
Yes, there has never been any "resolute refusal" from our side, only "sloppy forum reading". :) We generally try to be as open as possible with everything.