Accessing a Bubba connected printer from Windows Vista

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Accessing a Bubba connected printer from Windows Vista

Post by m00ndark » 12 Jun 2008, 13:10

Just thought I could share my experience of connecting a Canon Inkjet MP450 Series printer to my Bubba and then use it from my Windows Vista computer..

Connecting it to Bubba was no problems at all when following the instructions in the users manual, other than I didn't know what to enter as name and location (in the end I named the printer "CanonMP450" and entered "Printers" for location).

Then I found the printer under Bubba on my network. It was however placed directly under Bubba (the computer name of the Bubba) and not under Bubba\Printers.. strange..

When trying to add it as a network printer or connect to it I received a Windows error message telling me it could not connect to it.

The only solution I could find to solve the problem was to mount the printer as a local port on my Windows Vista computer by entering the following in a command prompt:

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net use LPT1 \\bubba\CanonMP450 /persistent:yes
I could then add a local printer at port LPT1 on my Windows Vista computer and achieve my goal.

Hope this helps someone..


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Same problem

Post by Gurriz » 24 Jun 2008, 16:48

Thanks for the tip. I had the same problem with installing the printer connected to bubba with Vista (no problems with XP). But after installing Vista SP1 it was no problem.