can i add this

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can i add this

Post by rodrigo » 13 May 2008, 15:04

hello all, i had my Bubba for quite some time, and a small power shortage put back my uptime to 2 days after having it rnu for almost a entire month.

but that´s not the issue.
I have tried but only found a old dchub software for linux, does someone know a newer one that i can use on bubba.

And skype, sincei am going to travel, i want to make bubba to acces my computer to acces skype so i can call form outside my computer as a remote
acces hardware and use skype from it.

beside that, i am one happy bubba owner.
And is there some way to backup ones uptime to restore it after a powershortage, so one can return to ones old uptime, i kind miss having a bit more 2 days on my uptime log.

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Post by bjorn » 13 May 2008, 16:52

Hello Rodrigo,

I've never run a DC Hub so i have no idea about software for it, didn't think people were still using Direct connect. Google did mention though, it was last updated a few months ago.

I'm not sure about your Skype-issue either, what is it you have problems with? It will be easier for people to help you if you define what you actually is trying to do, and what specific problems you have.

The purpose of "uptime" is to tell for how long the machine has been running since last powered on, not to tell for how long you've owned it or what geek-o-meter score you would get in a contest. If you were to save the uptime, you can just as well make a number up.