IRCd (Internet Relay Chat) succesfully installed

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IRCd (Internet Relay Chat) succesfully installed

Post by Hape » 03 Nov 2008, 11:02

One of the items on my wish list was an IRCd on the Bubba/Two.

Last night I compiled UnrealIRCd (3.2.7) from source without any problem.

It took a while (ca. 50 min.), but the Bubba succeeded with just ONE warning.

Performance of IRCd looks ok.

Next step will be installing 'services' (nick-, channel-, etc).
Still shopping for the best package available.

Please note that in order to compile with the Bubba, you of course have to install the proper packages first (gcc, make, etc). See elsewhere in this forum for a description.

Also installed irssi, to connect locally. May I recommend: ?


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