coda kernel module inclusion

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coda kernel module inclusion

Post by tuxlifan » 01 Mar 2010, 11:50

(Not sure if this would better go to support...)

Please include the coda kernel module with bubba-modules. It is currently only 39K and including it would save me approximately 5 hours downtime on each kernel update 8)
(I know that to only run a coda server, the module is not needed, however, to integrate the remainder of the B2's abilities, I need also a client running to be able to access the storage locally)

Alternatively please direct me to a procedure that will reliably enable me to compile it myself within a few (~ 2-15) minutes.

For now I got the vanilla kernel from (as I couldn't find it at :?), prayed that I didn't miss a crucial patch that you applied and after "make oldconfig" and a little tweaking I could compile the fs subsystem (and coda is working fine :-)). I also tried to only build in the coda directory, but some linking references were missing IIRC; if you have any suggestions on that matter, I'm eager to try them out :-)
(Note: the procedure outlined at did not work, unfortunately; supposedly because of differing kernel versions)

Thank you!

P.S: I think with hassle-free coda (and firehol as firewall, which I'm still trying to figure out how to sneak in) the B2 could become THE-awesomest(tm) :-D

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