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Bubba Storage released!

Posted: 11 Dec 2008, 18:24
by johannes
Hi all,

We have now released the external eSATA cabinet. Read more at!


Posted: 12 Dec 2008, 18:56
by Cheeseboy
Hi Johannes,

I admit it is pretty, but has it got any extra functionality any other eSATA drive doesn't offer? Any Bubba specific features?
Can it be driven from the same power supply I use with my Bubba2, or do I have to use one for each cabinet?



Posted: 13 Dec 2008, 09:19
by johannes
No, it's essentially an eSATA cabinet as others. Differences are that ours use the same passive conducted cooling that Bubba Two has, hence, no fans. Also, the design of course aligns with Bubba Two's.

And no, you get another power supply with Bubba Storage.


Posted: 15 Dec 2008, 08:35
by lkbrow1
With this new product release is an update that offers raid configuration getting nearer ?

Posted: 31 Dec 2008, 19:48
by Hape
Real cool !

I think for the true lovers of Bubba's style, this casing will be very welcome.

Next: same cabinet, with power supply & custom length cables to connect the 3 together?
or (with switch) PoE? (Power over Ethernet) ? ;-)

For sure the style is well suited to be in full view and making your guests ask: "what's the little black box on your shelve?" (Answer: Ohw, that's the central server, doing..euhm..everything!)


Re: Bubba Storage released!

Posted: 12 Jul 2009, 02:41
by zander
when will they be available again?

thank you,