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by kennywest
21 Feb 2018, 03:23
Forum: Development
Topic: Debian stretch (9) image 1.1 released for B3
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Re: Debian stretch (9) image 1.0 released for B3

Very interesting read. I am still running wheezy on my box. If I would want to upgrade to stretch (fresh install) do I need to upgrade u-boot, like described here -> ... excito-b3/
If so, where can I find the most recent u-boot images?
by kennywest
02 Nov 2014, 02:44
Forum: My Bubba
Topic: My first B3, finally up and running
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My first B3, finally up and running

All, My router has always been a PC, or something Intel based. The last one that served my needs was a Wyse 9455xl. This is basically a small PC with a mini-itx inside. It had an onboard network card and a riser card to add an additional PCI device. I replaced the IDE flash card with a normal IDE dr...