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by microcode
10 Jun 2008, 00:24
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: folders in /home
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I want it to say root@bubba so i can see the difference between user and root You can change that by editing the .bashrc file in root's home directory (/root). Change this line: export PS1='\h:\w\$ ' To this: export PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ ' The \u puts the username in the prompt string. Then either log ou...
by microcode
03 Jun 2008, 17:09
Forum: My Bubba Server
Topic: How have you customized YOUR Bubba?
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My bubba lives a quiet life as a little workhorse server, one that I can leave powered on all the time without generating huge electric bills. I recently switched over to the minimal etch install, and then added the following packages: Lighttpd web server MySQL 5 PHP 5 Subversion gcc and other devel...
by microcode
03 Jun 2008, 16:45
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: Upgrading PHP4
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nb000, Bubba currently is based on sarge, but the folks at exctio are working on an upgrade to etch. There are test versions of the etch install images available, as described in this other thread . Note that these install images will format your hard drive, so make any necessary backups of your dat...
by microcode
29 May 2008, 02:50
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: can't mount USB storage
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i don't understand why it didn't create them automatically.. anyone installing etch-light had the same issue ? Yes, I had the same problem. And I am glad I found this thread! Thanks for the tip, vecka53 . Mounting the USB drive allows me to put some scripts on there that I can then use to automate ...